A Response to Fear

08 May

The following letter is my response to this article from the Lincoln Times-News:


I am deeply saddened by this article in today’s Lincoln Times-News. The quotes are almost unbearable to read. Nothing about this article is “Christian” or speaks to Christianity… only to some sort of false god that I have no interest in being associated with.

This is the yet another example of a person more interested in defending his version of a Jesus (or more accurately, defending his own way of life) than seeking to follow the risen Christ in both word and action. His message distorts the Gospel as self-serving and uncaring towards outsiders. Both could be no further from the truth. We were once foreigners… we were once slaves… we were once gentiles… we were once outsiders to the faith… and yet, thanks be to God, it is God’s patient love that didn’t defend and protect God’s-self, but our God emptied himself to come down to meet the lost right where we were. I am eternally thankful that God never stops seeking and drawing those on the outside in, even when it is easier to push away.

Christian brothers and sisters – we cannot try to keep “our way of life” by hijacking the name “Jesus” to defend a false gospel. Making the world around us appear more “christian” never gets to the heart of the matter and only makes for harder hearts in us and in others. God’s Kingdom came and continues to come through self-sacrificial love for the lost and the least in this world. We cannot be a better Christian than Jesus.

~Rev. Kevin C. Miller

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